Tuesday, June 13, 2006


If you are in love, we should tell one another, and quite frankly I think I'm in love. What should I say because I don't know what to say, stay where we r now, or go to the next level.

Malja, from the first time I met you I knew that you were something special. Well all I have to say and can say is answer this question that I am coming out to say. Malja Swann will you go out with me or better yet, will u marry me.

Yours only,
Avery Williams

Say yes

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Do you think that the Vice President who shot one off his co-workers was just covering up for our "President" because the Bush Adminstration knows that if BUSH took the heat for it everyone would have his head, but they told Chenney to take the heat because everyone would not think much of it. But, let me tell you(the world) I was not fooled for a minute. Tell me what you think about this in some comments.